from gowalla back to foursquare

Last December, Nung convinced me to try FourSquare. I had been using Yelp! to try and find places I was not familiar with. I admit, I did get hooked on FourSquare. I liked checking into places to keep track of where I had been. It was part of a daily diary especially when I used Momento to collect the data. And the competitive person in me really liked earning points and becoming "mayor."

Then I heard about Gowalla from a podcast. I decided to try it out. I liked it right away. The interface was nicer and no longer did I feel the need to log in just to earn a "mayorship." And I liked collecting thinks like found objects and special pins for visiting DisneyWorld. I do not go out much and socialize, I did not miss FourSquare's ability to help people connect. Gowalla also seemed to connect faster than FourSquare.

The Gowalla made a big change. No longer did you just check in, you now started "stories." Huh? I wasn't happy with the change but figured I would get used to it. Then I found that Momento was no longer registering my check-ins. I disconnected and when I tried to reconnect, I could no longer do it. I saw I wasn't the only one. I thought about waiting it out but decided to go back to FourSquare. Right away, I am back to checking my points. Ugh! I just want to keep track. I do not need to compete!

Gowalla, is listening to the complaints and we will see what they do with them. I may be back. Or not.