17 september 2011


Progress continued but a bit slower as I started having back pain. I felt a bit better after going to the chiropractor but the pain started coming back at the end of the week.

I worked in the office about 3 hours. I got more supplies yesterday so I can continue next week.

I scanned and filed about an hour. I did this in 15 minute sessions.

I uncovered the shredder and started shredding. I did not do an hour of shredding, it doesn't take that long to shred an hour's worth of scanning. I did shredding some very old files without scanning.

Goals this week:

• Organize one shelving unit of embellishments. (I completed two half shelves.)

One hour of scanning documents

• One hour of shredding documents (Completed about 45 minutes of shredding.)

One hour of filing documents

The boys have school photos on Wednesday and I am going to try to volunteer.

There might be a CBI for Andy on Thursday. Andy finally got info about a school dance after school on Thursday.

My goals for next week:

• Two hours of organizing in the "store."

• One hour of scanning documents

• One hour of shredding documents

• One hour of filing documents

As of today, there are 99 days until Christmas. I spent some time working on my gift list. If you want to play along, here are three sites:

100 Days to Christmas

Organized Home Christmas Countdown

Real Simple Ultimate Christmas Countdown