08 august 2011


Two weeks until school starts. Hard to believe summer break is almost over. Back in June, 81 days seemed so long.

POTD prompt was favorite pair of shoes. Lego minifigures don't have feet let alone shoes.

Went to the pool with Andy. Too hot. At iPod was behaving and showing all my playlists correctly.

Thunder so we had to leave the pool just before 11. Andy was upset but stayed calm. At first he wanted to just go back home and get in his jammies. I convinced him to go to lunch. But he would not go in so we did drive through. Ryan was surprised we were home so early.

I edited a couple more photos from last night. I just wasn't feeling it. I would rather should architecture and things. But there is no money in that. I worked on Lego Digital. It is harder than it looks. Not the program but thinking about what goes where and planning it for it. Designing on paper would be easier.

I listened to a couple of the videos for MSD. Sometimes they are interesting. Tomorrow's POTD prompt is favorite toy.

I started making a card but Ryan was hovering. He had. Left the computer when the storms came back. The storms had gone and he wanted to get back on. Sigh.

Dinner: salad; cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, cheese

Card of the day. I have been organizing my kits and trying to use some that I have not used before. I have also purged a few which were free and not really my style. I have to be more discerning. Since digi kits never get used up, there is no real reason to buy another kit. But the kits are so fun. I have to budget myself.

The storms came back and Ryan kept walking around and muttering to himself. He did sit with me for a while and we looked at the weather radar. There was a severe weather alert until 8:00 pm. And it did calm down but he still skipped his bath.