07 august 2011


Breakfast. Waffles. Andy has been eating slower lately. It is a good thing, I think.

POTD prompt is favorite vegetable. My favorite vegetable is potato but I try not to eat them often because they are fattening. Lego only makes a carrot. Carrots are OK but not my favorite. I do not like them cooked. I opted for humor.

Starbucks. On my way, iPhone showed no music. I started back home and tried rebooting the iPhone. I can get my music by clicking on Now Playing or by going through Songs or Artists but there is nothing in the playlists. Weird.

Kathy sent an email about dues. I thought I had paid but cannot find a record of it. Nothing in my journal or momento. And my cash info only goes back to July. Oh well, it is only $5.

Lunch: panini from Starbucks & vanilla cone from McDonalds.

Ryan wasn't on the computer so I got and got some stuff done. I made a layout for Design Your Life.

I made a birthday card for Leslie. I used the same papers from The Daily Digi.

Strobist photo shoot with reflectors only. I am leaving early so I don't have to rush. And to get some tea.

Starbucks was out of tomato & cheese paninis. I got a chicken chipotle on flatbread. It was OK but messy, the sandwich was slipping apart.

We met at the park. Lots of photographers and only a few models. I followed Doyle around because I didn't know anyone and I really don't get into model shoots. I like portraits because there is a personal agenda. Shooting models is too impersonal. (I know I like to shoot inanimate objects, but I don't have to tell the lego what I want them to do.) One of the models was in a tree. We came up around her from the side. Doyle shot her foot. She had a nasty rash on her ankles. And she looked older. I did not want to shoot her.

Doyle's kids are coming home this Wednesday so no more playtime for him.

I uploaded my photos but did not look at them. I just sat and caught up on the interwebs.