06 august 2011


Breakfast: eggs, peach

POTD prompt is a favorite room in your home. I don't have a favorite room. A favorite room would be one that is all my own. I have always made the whole house open to the boys. I have never shut them out. But if I did have my own space, it would have a comfy chair or sofa, some iced tea, my favorite books, music, and some Lego. I thought about building a room in one of the Lego home I have had. But the rooms are too small. Or not easy to shoot. I opted to build a new vignette. I see all these cool vignettes at Flickr and want to do something similar. But I don't have the right pieces. I used what I have and I like the result.

I need to get out and over to the market. I need more fruit!

Probably could have skipped the market. I walked right past my favorite vendor. Then as I walked back, resigned to by from the other produce people, I saw them. But she had little to sell but tomatoes, small cucumbers and peppers. I got some tomatoes and cucumbers. Then I walked and got some caramel corn. This vendor is only here on the first Saturday. Someone else is there on the third Saturday but only sells kettle corn. I ate about a quarter of the popcorn on my way home.

Lunch: grilled cheese. And caramel corn. Yep, I ate the whole bag.

Watched Coraline. Good movie.

I got the Gelaskins for my iPad and my iPhone. I like the way they look. But I am not sure about the iPad. It came with a sticker that fits on the front. I put it on and took it off a minute later. It was distracting. I wish the one for the iPad would wrap around the edges. Without the case, the iPad slips if I try to prop it up.

Card of the day. Ryan was off the computer so I got on and made a card. No motivation to do much else.

I built another Lego apple tree house. I opted for the town house but had loads of bricks leftover. Instead of the garden play area, I made a studio which used up a lot of the roof bricks.

I listened to Marc Maron talk to Andrew Dice Clay. I never cared for Dice. He was too vulgar for me. But now hearing him, I find that was all a persona.

Dinner: corn, tomatoes, cucumbers & cheese. I had corn on the cob which was supposed to be sweet. It was not. But in my salad it didn't matter. I had the last peach. It wasn't good. Peach season is too short.