05 august 2011


POTD prompt was a favorite time of the day. One of my favorite times is when the bus comes. As much as I love my boys, I love those times when I don't have to worry about them. I don't have a Lego bus and didn't feel like building one (if I could) so I just set up the scene as waiting for the bus. Ryan came in when I was shooting and knew what it was right away. But he also noticed that I used the short legs on him. Not that he is short but he is shorter than Andy. He wanted boys of the Lego to have the same legs. I made both have long legs.

I wasn't paying attention to time so I left late for the Dragon Boat Races. I hadn't even gotten on the interstate when Doyle called. He was already there. He said that spot was great for seeing the whole race. Those there was some glare because of the sun. I did not have my polarizing filter which might have helped.

The weather was hot but we kept ducking into the parking deck, in the shade. The races did not last long but they also did not happen every few minutes. After about an hour, we both had over 500 images and we ready to go.

We planned to go to Tijuana Flats but when we got there, saw that it was now Stacked Burgers. We decided to try it. It is pretty good. But huge burgers. Huge! The sweet potato fries were good. They serve them with maple syrup but they were sweet enough without it.

Got home and put in my card to upload.

Ryan got off the computer and I started going through my photos. I went from 500 to 100. I did edit a few. I am glad I kept my shutter speed at 640. At one point I dropped it to 250 and every shot was blurry.

Ryan is back on the computer. It is dinner time and I am still not hungry. My throat hurts.

Card of the day. Ryan got off the computer so I made a quick card. Then I made popcorn for dinner.

Watching a video from MSD.