04 august 2011


Got the laundry done early because Andy wanted me to start his last night. He didn't get to turn on the dryer for my laundry (he was in his bedroom most of the afternoon) so I asked him for his clothes.

POTD prompt was a favorite person. I interpreted that to mean a favorite minifigure. I put away some ones I had used and looked at all of the them. I decide the jester was my favorite since not only is he fun, in many cases he was smart too. At least in Shakespeare's plays. The jester could get away with taunting the king as long as he did it in rhyme or prose. He is the only minifigure I have really given much character.

I downloaded the Lego software and started building a house. But I need to figure out sizes and if I want to include a basement or not.

At the pool. Man it is hot and humid. Not nice at all.

Sleepy. I strews reading Black & White by John Batdorff. It more beginner than I want.

Lunch: CFA southwest salad, sans chicken.

Design Your Life Week 5. I decided to skip the Gimme 5 layout from Week 4. I just don't see my family cooperating if Cathy couldn't get her own to do it. Week 5 is about space, white space. I did the first layout about the tree that fell down a couple of years ago.

Snack: hummus, crackers, carrots

Catching up on the Internet while Ryan uses the computer.

Dinner: salmon, crackers, peaches

Card of the day. The birthdays are starting up again. Today, I made a card for my sister in law.

I organized more of my digi kits. I am trying to be good and only buy things way on sale, no more than $1. I only spent $4 at Jessica Sprague's One Buck Wednesday.