03 august 2011


Didn't sleep well. The house was too warm. I thought it was the late rain that cooled off the house so the AC didn't need to run. But I woke up and it was still warm. The AC was not on. I went to check it out. (Not sure why as I am not a mechanic.) But seeing it reminded me of the condensation drain and as soon as I pulled on the shut off valve, it started running. Oh, I guess that needs to be cleaned out. That I can handle. There is no money involved.

Also in the mix, Ryan kept waking me up after he got up. "the Internet is blocked!" It was not blocked but he could not remember the password. About 30 minutes later, he could not find his iPod and proceeded to talk about his world ending and wake up the rest of the house.

Can we start over?

Breakfast: eggs & peach.

POTD prompt was a favorite place. I chose to use one the Lego Cabins to represent the cottage. There were times I love being there, and times I felt like a prisoner. I enjoyed it more when I got my wave runner and had something to do rather than sit and watch my nieces and nephews. Though I did take them for a lot of rides. I never know how these scenes will be received. I have had dozens of views but no comments or favorites. Oh well. While I was thinking of this, I got the idea to building my childhood home out of Lego. I wonder if I should get the Lego software to help me plan it out?

We went downtown to the Tampa Bay History Center. Dark clouds threatened but we managed to avoid them. The boys like the museum and they were well behaved. There were very few people there. I had forgotten that I could not use my flash inside the museum. I had to shoot at iso 800 to get anything. Which means most of the shots were too dark, or blurry. I came home and processed my photos. I even made a layout. Now to get the rest of summer done.

Lunch: McDonalds for Ryan, Starbucks for me, Chick Fil A for Andy.

I let Ryan use the computer while I caught up with the Internet.

Snack, carrots & hummus. I really wanted crackers and all we have are Club crackers. I finally pulled out a slice of bread.

Dinner: tuna, tomatoes, peach

Card of the day.

The order from LL Bean came. Ryan said the backpack was for hiking. It really isn't but it is a different style from the ones he has had for for the past ten years. But he picked it out. I ordered another pair of denim shor

I started putting together my layout for POTD July 2011. I finished it once the boys had gone to bed.