02 august 2011

POTD prompt is a favorite number. My favorite number is eight. I thought about what I could do and settled on Eight is Enough. I decided on this sometime during the night. And every time I woke up, I tried to think of the names. David, Mary, Susan, Nancy, Joanie, Tommy, and ? But I knew there were five girls. I remembered Nicholas name when I woke up. Then, while drying my hair, I realized that there were two redheads, Joanie and Susan. I was mixing up Elizabeth for Joanie. David, Mary, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy & Nicholas. Did you know Mark Hammil was supposed to play the role of David? But then he got this movie, Star Wars, and Grant Goodeve got the part.

At the chiropractor. I am sleepy.

Good adjustment. Man my neck cracked a lot.

Pasco Motors for an oil change. Then they found that my cabin filters were filthy. Only $39 for the set. I said OK. I could have saved $10 getting my own but then I would have had to install them. And I doubt that is easy.

I wanted Mexican for lunch but didn't feel like driving to Tijuana Flats. I thought I had seen Five Guys in Zephyrhills. Maps could not find it. Navigon said Whataburger was near. I had never been there but thought I would try it. On the way, I saw Five Guys and went there instead. I knew I had seen it.

This Five Guys was busy and full of older people.

Went to Shannon's and got some peaches and corn.

Talked to Doyle about the Dragon Boat Races. They start tomorrow.

Snack: chai with almond milk.

Dinner: salad, apple.

Card of the Day.

Listen to iTunes celebrity playlist with Alice Cooper. I like Alice but not his music.