day 80


Still plugging away at the new EHD configuration. Another plus for drobo is the need for ONE outlet. There is spaghetti monster under my desk.

Breakfast. eggs, peach

POTD prompt was favorite animal. I used the Mill Raid set today.

Andy has the calendars synced on his iPod. I set it up so only the boys and family calendars would show. Andy goes in and shows all calendars. So he saw Bike Night and asked me about it. Bike Night runs from 5-9 so he assumed I would bed time. I told him I would be home in time.

Wiregrass Fresh Market. Got some cucumbers & tomatoes. The egg lady was not there. The best part was going to Starbucks for lunch; mozzarella & tomato panini, iced soy chai.

I got dad a new dictionary. He has been reading all morning. But he hasn't read any entries yet, he is just reading how to use the dictionary. I never knew anyone read that stuff.

Card of the day.

I went through some of my kits and got rid of elements I will never use.


Layout for Words To Live By.

The Snow Leopard disk came. I went to upgrade Andy's computer and it failed. I ran disk warrior. The install failed again. Ryan reminded me that this happened when I tried to upgrade to Leopard last time. I had forgotten about that. I gave up for now.

I checked online for the install issue. Others had the same problem and seem to have fixed it by replacing the original ram. I did upgrade the ram so I will try that next week when Andy is in school.

I tried the Halo Honey Graham. It was gross and will NOT try it again.

I didn't go to Bike Night but I did go out. I stopped at Starbucks for a panini and iced soy chai. Then I went to Toys R Us in hopes of finding some Series 5 minifigures. I didn't find any and decided to try Target. No minifigures there either but I got an umbrella for Ryan, some Pooh books for Andy and chocolate for me.