01 august 2011

Breakfast: eggs, kiwi

Ready for the pool. Never got today's prompt nor The list for August. Made a layout and a card while waiting. My sites will not load. I guess I will post the card when I get back.

They announced the World Wide Photo Walk today. Scott's walk is already filled up. Larry Becker has a walk in Lakeland. Sherry signed up for that. I am waiting to see what other walks there are. (Bridget signed up for the walk in St. Petersburg. I did too. I can always change my mind later.)

Lunch at CFA: salad. I took my own dressing. Much better.

McDonalds. In the drive thru lane. A car pulls up along us. I roll down the window. "I can fix that dent." I see he has a magnet on his door "Dent King" I tell him it is more than just a dent. The auto function no longer works. "I can fix that too." I look unsure. "You don't even want a price?" I ask him for a card. "Dent King dot com!" And as he drives away, I see the long dent along the passenger door and rear quarter panel. Right. I'll be calling him right away!

I checked and saw the POTD August List was up. I was a little disappointed in it. (Then I realized how hard these lists are to make.) I already had in my mind to photograph the Lighthouse. It is red and white and red is my favorite color. In the end, not much red showed because I saw Brickley and had to use him in the scene. POTD.

The doorbell rang. I should know better but I went and saw that it was a solicitor. He was selling handy work for the outside of the house. We do need work done and I took the flyer. Then he said they would be in the area going door to door. I said soliciting was not allowed in the neighborhood. He looked confused. He said something about just talking and I said that was soliciting. He walked away like I was nuts. I think I need to print up some definitions to hand out. People just don't get it.

Card of the day.

Snack: maple almond butter on bread. Banana. I don't really care for the almond butter. It is OK and I might eat it again only because it is good for me.

Nice rain storm. Andy had taken apart part of the Lighthouse and I caught him. I did not yell. But he does know not to take it apart again.

Dinner: salmon, carrots, apple

Downloaded The Digi Files. Another disappointing month. But better than last month. I also downloaded the Masterful Scrap Design files. I like that it was all in one spot and easy to download video. I have them on my iPad.