day 79


I wish I had a drobo. I have several external hard drives. My photos and music are on them. I had a 2Tb drive partitioned for my photos and music. I am running out of room for my photos. My music still has plenty of space. I got two new 1Tb drives so I could move my music over to them then let the photos expand into the entire 2Tb drives. The problem comes in with having to copy everything over. It takes hours. With a drobo, I could just exchange the smaller drive for a larger drive and drobo would do the rest. Someday.

Breakfast: eggs, peach

POTD prompt was favorite dessert.

Words to Live By.

Time Machine is cool. I had purged many of my supplies. But I had not completed the layout and needed that kit. I went into Time Machine, found the folder and restored it. Yay!

I had planned on going out to Shannon's. But I got delayed trying to finish that layout. It was 1:30 before I made lunch. I quit Photoshop because it was so slow and ate.

I was thinking about paying for an organization workshop. Then I think I spend the money on ram for my computer. It is so slow!

Lunch: grilled cheese, carrots.

I finished the layout that I started back in June.

Card of the day using new Crystal Wilkerson papers. Yummy!

Halo Bar Nutty Marshmallow. This wasn't too bad.

Dinner: popcorn.

My sweet tooth showed up. I ate three EL Fudge cookies before I remembered my caramel nips. They are doing a better job at quelling the cravings.