day 78


Breakfast: eggs, peach

POTD prompt was favorite flower. Pretty easy build. 

Last day at the pool. I won't missing sitting in the heat.

Lunch at Chick Fil A

We went to Publix to get juice. Andy drinks a lot more when he is at home.

I was dozing in the chair. Andy would talk to me and I would answer. Yes, I can talk to him in my sleep. Then dad came to me with some spreadsheets of his filing conventions for the photos. I told him to go away. "But I thought you were awake. You talked to Andy." And yet my eyes were closed. Sigh.

Layout for Words to Live By.

Jen Allyson came out with a new kit. I love the papers and had to get it. I have been pretty good about not buying everything I like.

I tried the Halo S'mores Bar. Yuck. Though they do keep me from getting hungry, they aren't really an enjoyable snack.

Dinner: tuna with roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Not bad.

Card of the day.