day 77


Breakfast: eggs, peach

POTD prompt was favorite piece of technology. This was pretty easy using my Lego pieces.

Wednesday Adventure Club: Ryan picked to go back to the Glazer Children's Museum. Today's visit was much more fun and relaxed. Ryan led the way to some of the exhibits he did not visit last time. Andy loved being on screen as a weatherman. Ryan thought it was fun to move the cameras around to view the different areas of the museum.

Ryan did spend a lot of time in the water droplet area climbing around. I think they have added some stabilizing cables as it didn't seem to sway this time.

I cracked up when Ryan came out into the theatre wearing a green robe. Who knew he would want to dress up like that?

We went to the other end of the museum to the Fire Station. There is a pole which kids can slide down but it was closed. Ryan climbed into the fire truck and watched the video for quite a while.

There were several school and camp groups so we were ready to leave.

We went to McDonalds, Starbucks and Chick Fil A for lunch then home.

Snack: chai and rocky road Halo Bar. The almond milk I got is nuttier than the last one I bought. I am not sure I like it. The Halo Bar is one step about a protein bar. But much better than a cookie in that I don't want twenty more.

I edited the photos from today and made a layout. Then I made another layout for Big Idea Festival.

Dinner: salad, melon

Card of the day.