day 76



Breakfast: eggs, peach

Ryan said he didn't know where to go for Wednesday Adventure Club. I pulled up the list of choices as tabs in my browser. He began eliminating tabs until he was down to Glazer Children's Museum and Ybor Museum. He chose the Glazer Children's Museum again. At least we have the passes so I only need to pay for parking and lunch.

POTD prompt is favorite writing. At one time I used to own a couple Lego pens. But they were chewed up by Andy and I threw them away. Ryan followed me and wanted to help. But he kept goofing around and I had to dismiss him.

School registration today. In elementary school, it s called Meet the Teacher Day. Andy still calls it that and expects to see his teacher.

Ryan chose to go at 11:00 thinking it would be less crowded. It wasn't bad. It still took an hour to complete the forms and wait in several lines. Ryan got all new teachers though his schedule may change because he was not enrolled in advanced math. Ryan chose not to see his classrooms. Most are in one building, in a regular classroom building. Andy wanted to see his teacher even though he has the same one. His classroom moved to the one he had in 6th grade. I think he was a little disappointed.

We went to lunch.

Chiropractor. Dr. Komsky was there instead of Dr. Burns.

I stopped at Nutrition Smart. This one had the Halo Bars. I got one of each to try. They are small like protein bars. I got more almond milk. The unsweetened is fine with the chai.

I stopped at Target for important things like Chai tea concentrate and dark chocolate.

Card of the day.


I made another layout for Words to Live By. Today's word was wonder. Since this is going to be all 6x6 layouts, I decided to try blending my background images.

I forgot about dinner until later. I planned one just crackers and hummus until I found the hummus to be moldy. Damn! The problem with eating fresher ingredients is that it doesn't last long. I had some Justin's Honey Peanut Butter. I dislike having to stir the peanut butter.