14 august 2011


Updated Ryan's computer. It took four restarts as there was so much to update.

Andy wants Leopard but I cannot locate the disk. I bought it in 2008 and I don't think I ever used it. Turns out I can just install snow leopard and that is much cheaper.

Breakfast. Waffles & banana. I don't know why dad has so much trouble with the waffle maker. It does not stick for me the way it does for him.

We probably won't see much of Ryan now that he has an up to date computer.

Savi is coming home this week and I have done nothing to clear my shelves that she wants.

I met Bridget at Starbucks. Then her sister called and she came down as well. She brought her boys. I got the box of Nintendo out of the car. The boys were happy and wanted to play right then. Luckily, they had a little power left. We all went over to Barnes & Noble since books were supposed to be tax free. I was the only one to get a book. But I was charged tax. Oh well.

I left to get lunch for the boys. I realized I didn't get my favorite panini from Starbucks.

POTD prompt was favorite place to sit. I added a balcony to the larger cabin then decided not to use it in the shot.

Office Depot is crowded. This is exactly what I have tried to avoid in the past. Everyone is out to take advantage of tax free weekend. Thankfully I did not bring the boys.

I went to Starbucks for a late lunch.

Ryan wanted me to install Pages on his computer.

Dinner: salad, melon

Card of the day. I didn't like the card I did for Stephanie last night. I made another and like it much better.

I ordered some hard drives as I am running out of space