13 august 2011


Talked to Bonnie last night. She cut her vacation short because she kept getting business calls. She needed an invitation for a back to school party done ASAP. I found a digi kit, and made the invite in an hour.

Breakfast: eggs and melon.

POTD prompt was favorite item of clothing. I had seen a Lego vignette where they took the torsos and hung them up like tops. I went through my female torsos and picked some out. There are few options for the females. I found that I had a few of the same and decided to play that up. I had to take the hands out.

Layout for Design Your Life. My computer memory really needs to be upgraded. I would have turned off iTunes but now my dad sometimes listens to the library, it has to be left on.

Bonnie emailed me saying to redo the invite for 4x8. Then we tried to get it printed and Sam's club cannot do custom design so I had to resize it to 4x6.

Lunch: grilled cheese and carrots.

I checked the delivery status of Ryan's computer. I was hoping it would be delivered on Monday. Turns out it was out for delivery today! The FedEx truck came after six.

Snack: chai tea and almond milk, el fudge cookies. (only the broken ones)

I took apart two of my Lego cabins in hopes of building a bigger, better cabin. I kept messing it up. It took three tries to just get a slightly bigger cabin. I realize I don't have enough of the right pieces.

Dinner: pizza from Papa Johns. Andy ate 3/4 of a large pizza. I ate all of a small pizza. There didn't seem enough to save.

We set up Ryan's MacBook Pro. It is a refurbished 13". I am a little disappointed that it only came with Snow Leopard and not Lion installed. Ryan doesn't care. He is just happy to have his own working computer again.

I could not locate the boys' iPods with Find my iPhone. I checked Andy's and found that the account had been deleted. I added it again and it was located. I checked Ryan's iPod but the account was still active. That is really weird.

Card of the day.