12 august 2011


Breakfast. Eggs, cherries

Andy wanted some help looking for his iPod. I set the timer for 10 minutes, within 4 minutes, he found it under his bed. It still would not show up in Find My iPhone.

POTD prompt is a favorite walk. Today is all the weekly prompt for bridges. I combined both. But I am not sure about posting tote weekly group. They are making it too complicated.

Finished organizing my kit previews. I see I have more than enough kits. More than enough.

Card of the day.

Lunch: grilled cheese & carrots.

Andy & I went to see Winnie the Pooh. We got to the theater and tried out the D-box seats that move and rumble with the action. It was kind of cool but I wouldn't pay extra for it. We sat down and we were the only ones there for a while. The movie started 15 minutes after the posted time. It was a cute movie. It was less than an hour long.

We stopped by McDonalds for fries on the way home.

Fell asleep. Woke up to Ryan bouncing a matchbox car on my desk. And he couldn't hear me telling him to stop because his headphones are on and the music is loud enough enough for me to hear the words in the other room.

Snack: chai tea with almond milk. EL Fudge cookies. ( the broken ones because Ryan won't eat them.)

Realized it is getting warm in hear. I check and it is 81 with the AC running. Oh joy. Why do these things happen on Friday afternoons?

No one had noticed the heat. Dad wondered why he didn't need his sweater. The boys don't seem to mind. It is just me that is too warm.

The inside temp hit 83 and I had to call. No one else was bother. The repairman showed up just before 8. I had dad talk to him so I could deal with the clean up & baths. Eight three feels a lot better than 90 and humid.

The repairman changed the filter and flushed the drain. He thought it needed freon but checked a second time and the pressure was back up. So $140 later, he left and the house is slowly cooling down. I mentioned the larger filter and he said he would look into it.

The filter we need is 5" thick. I cannot find any that size in the stores and it has to be ordered. I have been using the standard 1" and they do OK but move around. I looked online for a trion filter and found them at amazon. What can't you get from amazon? Then we were confused about merv ratings. We finally figured that out and did another search. I found a cheaper source and epinions gave it good ratings. A few complaints but there will always be some.

I forgot to eat dinner and now I that I am not so hot, I am hungry.