11 august 2011


The sun is shining! Ryan is in a good mood.

POTD prompt is favorite place outdoors. I love the idea of the outdoors, I just don't like the bugs. I had my park built so I used it with the fisherman and the gnomes.

Finally got to packing Bonnie's paper. I have forgotten what she ordered. And not all of it will fit in the box. I will have to ship another box next week.

Andy has lost his headphones again. It is so frustrating.

Hungry. Forget the salad. I need meat!

Andy has decided to go to the movies tomorrow. He wants to see Winnie the Pooh. Of course, Ryan does not want to go.

Saw Mike when we got home. He has a new job teaching at a charter school. We talked for a while. Ryan came out. Then Andy came out. Andy had cleaned his room but could not find his headphones. Mike went in, it was hot. Ryan wanted to trim the crape myrtle. He pulled out the lopping sheers which was overkill. I let him cut a few branches and I cut up the rest. We still need to clean up the mess, but it was hot. As we walked in the garage, we saw Andy's earbuds. I don't know how they ended up there.

I came in and ordered a MacBook Pro for Ryan. I opted for a refurbished model. I saved $180. It should be here by Tuesday.

Snack: chai with almond milk

Cleaned & purge some scrap stuff. Started another box for Bonnie.

Dinner: salad, banana

Card of the day. I used a digi template meant for a 12x12 page. I like Kay Miller's templates but they are too fussy. Even for cards. I eliminated most of the elements and shrunk the template to 6x6.

Andy kept talking about find my iPhone. I asked him if he lost his iPod but he said no. I decided to see if I could locate it. I used Find My iPhone on my iPad. Andy's iPod could not be located. I asked him about and he did say he could not it. So frustrating.