10 august 2011


Another grey day. Already the thunder can be heard. I have a headache caused by dad. Last night, my shoe caught on part of the shower curtain as it is old and needs replacing. I pulled one out last night and set it on the bench. Dad got up this morning and picked it up. "Should I replace this today?" I can do it later. "It's easier when it is dry." I got up to help. And by help I mean do it myself. While dad opened the package, I took the old one down. Then he handed me the new shower curtain and took the old one out of the room. I put up the new one. The constant reach and looking up gave me a headache. Also the PVC smell. I got done and saw that he had folded the old one. Given the chance, he would keep it for some future use. I will throw it away. The new curtain looks like bubble wrap. I hope the boys don't try to pop it.

Breakfast: eggs, tomato

POTD prompt is favorite game. I thought tetris would be easy. It was. But it was also boring. So I made a hopscotch game in front of one the houses. I had to us a glue dot to keep the girl upright.

Design Your Life layout. I finally got the MOSI photos done.

The rain has finally stopped and the sun is trying to break through the clouds.

Lunch: grilled cheese and carrots

Instead of falling asleep, I went out. I went to Shannon's for produce. Then to Publix for LemiShine and cheese. The rain started again and I Got pretty wet getting to my car. Deposited some money into the bank. Stopped at Starbucks for some green tea latté and mini carrot cake. I am really trying to like the match a green tea. But I think it is the honeydew they add that throws me off. But maybe I just need more time. I remember only tolerating the chai when I first started drinking it.

I put all my buttons in my Waterford biscuit jar. I have more buttons than will fit properly. I took all the leftover bins and will use them for my Lego pieces. I need to sort more small pieces so they are easier to find.

Dinner: salad, banana

Dad cracks me up. He will ask if I am caught up with my laundry. Laundry is like dishes, if I do them everyday, it is not a big task. Too bad I cannot convince myself the same of housework.

Turns out the shower curtain has a cut in it. I suspect it was something that happened when unboxing it at the store since it is on a seem. Andy's finger found it right away. Dad wants to get a repair kit. I told him it isn't worth it. I don't even remembering buying it.

Card of the day. I used Cosmo Cricket's Honey Pie which I bought for $1 today. I love Jessica Sprague's One Buck Wednesdays.