31 july 2011


POTD prompt is from the hip. Of course I have to twist the meaning back to the original. I have a cowboy and gun but no proper backdrop. We do have a Lego Toys Story 2 Sheriff set so I started to build it. I had to leave it unfinished to go to "church."

Starbucks. Chilly! Ice chai is good. Listening to Join Us by TMBG. Got a roasted tomato panini for lunch. I love them. They are half the calories than a similar panini at Panera.

Went to Nutrition Smart. Got some tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwi and bananas. I am also trying almond milk. I am still not sold on soy as a replacement for cows milk. They carry Justin's Nut Butter but did not have the chocolate almond pack to try. The chocolate peanut butter tastes good but I know almonds are more nutritious than peanuts. I tried almond butter once before and hated it. It had to be stirred but was so hard to stir.

Went to McDonalds for the boys.

Came home and finished building the Lego set for POTD. Edited it and posted it.

Worked on purging May 2009 photos.

Made a snack with chocolate peanut butter and granola bar. Later I made chai with vanilla almond milk. It was OK. It didn't seem as creamy as the soy.

Organized some kits and forgot about dinner. So I had the other half of my snack.

Card of the day.

Saw that Ryan played with the Toy Story Lego set. He put Stinky Pete in jail.