08 july 2011


I ripped the DVD for Andy and took photos for POTD.

Rain and storms all day.

I met Doyle downtown to go through the Ansel Adams exhibit. We looked at his work through a critical eye. We noted areas where his most likely dodged and burned to get the image he wanted. We saw some photos that did not impress. They were special only because they were Ansel Adams. Doyle's favorite was of the Buddhist graveyard in Maui. My favorite was a simple church. I do prefer architecture over nature.

We went to leave and got hit by another squall. We ducked into an alcove and tried to wait it out. We finally gave up and went to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

I drove home in heavy rain and saw more accidents.

I did a layout for Design Your Life.

Card of the day.

I saw Andy using his iPod nano. I asked if he lost his iPod touch. Yes. So I went to me.com and sent the signal. It had slipped behind a box so he couldn't see it. Ryan missed the signal so we went looking for all of our devices. It said it could not locate Ryan's iPod touch because he had disabled wifi.

Dad disappeared after dinner. Andy said he had his jammies on. He must not be feeling well which explains the oatmeal for dinner.

I must stop eating Nips!