07 july 2011


I was trying to think of what to shoot today with the prompt f8. I put away all the minifigures I got out yesterday. I also did some reorganizing. Finally ready to start building something and I remembered my new kit. I pulled it all out and did some shots at f8. I also did some at f22, f16 and f11. I need to upload them to see how they look.

We went to the pool late because I was thinking (hoping) it was going to rain. I just felt like staying home. Andy was happy to go. The clouds began to roll in but no rain.

POTD. None of the shots done at f8 are great. But they are good enough.

I went to Dr Weil's site today to look up some diet info. He says that The Zone diet is one of the better ones but pushes too much protein. He says that too much protein can be hard on the liver and kidneys. I looked at what Dr Weil had to say about the Paleo Diet. He thinks parts of it are good. But he thought they were missing out on some protection from cancers that certain fruits and legumes provide. Basically, he agrees with any diet that agrees with his. I feel better when I follow his diet.

Worked on purging photos.

Got up and showered so I could dry my hair. It was raining. the bar in inside and outside. My hair freaked out. And I didn't know until I got in the car. Yikes!

I went to The Brass Tap to celebrate Mike's birthday. It was nice to see Bridget and Reneé. Mike and Joe. But the rest I did not know. OP did not show up.

The Brass Tap only has beer and wine. I had sangria. About four of them. Too much acid. Bridget brought her own snack mix since the bar has no food. Bridget ordered pizza from next door. Each flatbread pizza only had 8 slices. Certainly not enough to feed the crowd. I felt guilty eating 2 slices but it was just sitting there.

I got home just after 8.

Card of the day.