06 july 2011

Aunt Flo is early. Ugh.

Woke up to the cable clicking on an off. Only the set top box in my room works. FiOS site is very slow so we gave up.

Started to gather the minifigures. Ryan was helping. And by helping I mean being a goof just to get a laugh or an eye roll. I didn't get any photos taken since it was time to leave.

MOSI did not cost as much as I thought, only $40 for the three of us. Still, we don't spend more than an hour or two there. they now have giant air slides which are not free. I thought the sign said 2 Tokens per Slide. $1 for two tokens. Or $5 for an all day pass. I figured the pass would make more sense. Ryan did not want to go so I walked back to the front and got a pass for Andy who was eager to go. He did the obstacle course a couple if times before climbing up the giant slide. Then I saw that the sign read Two Slides per Token. Oops. And did love the fast slide. He tried the Velcro jump but he didn't quite understand and it was kind of lame. Ryan was anxious to leave so a few more trips down the slide and we left.

I forgot to switch my lens and had my 50mm macro on there. On the Olympus system, 50mm means 100mm so I couldn't do much but close ups.

We went to lunch and went home.

I did my POTD while Ryan watched Looney Toons. They played the Wagner Opera, Kill the Wabbit and I sang along. I don't think Ryan understands that I used to watch these when I was his age.

I worked on purging October 2008. And organizing more supplies. I definitely have too much. With digital scrapping, there is no fear of running out of a special paper. But there is no joy in using a product up. In theory, you could reuse your kits forever. But all that stuff eats up hard drive space and slows down the process of choosing a kit.

Card of the Day.

Tomorrow's photo prompt is f8. That will be a challenge. I shoot macros at f22 or f16. Sometimes I can get away with f11. F8 is a very shallow depth of field at that scale.