05 july 2011


I reworked my iPad home page. I took off all the folders and moved them to the second page. Then I moved in the apps I use on a daily basis and apps I wish to use more often. I found myself forgetting about some because I did not see them. It is a little odd to see my apps now instead of folders. But it is less clicks and I will get used to it quickly. I may do the same thing with my iPhone. (I did do the same with my iPhone. I don't have as much space there and seem to use more apps. We'll see how long it lasts.)

Waiting at the lab. There was no paperwork forwarded so I am delayed.

Blood work done. She had trouble finding a vein but managed it without any pain.

A kind Target pharmacist found a way to save me $57 on my meds. Hmm... the same amount needed for MOSI tomorrow.

POTD. Prompt was just a part. I shot a bunch of Lego close up. As close as I could get.

Design your life layout.

I did more photo purging. September 2008 is finished. October 2008 POTD.

I am really pushing the limits of my ram. But I think I need bigger hard drives first. Maybe I should play lotto?

Card of the day.

A few days ago, it seemed that the Ghirardelli Toffee Interlude tasted different. It actually seemed not as good. I made the mistake of looking at the ingredients. The label says All Natural. But they include high fructose corn syrup. Dang! I will not be buying any more. At least their regular dark chocolate is free of HFCS.

Andy asked about the day I was gone for 11 hours. I didn't remember anything and he said it was the last day in March. Again, I could not remember. I checked my calendar app but it was blank. I don't like that my calendar items archive after 30 days. I want to see what I did in the past. Thank goodness for momento.