03 july 2011

Starbucks. Iced chai and carrot cake. They combined cards but the new app does not have the SDN. Not that it was reliable.

Pinterest app is nice but doesn't show me everything.

Five Guys Little Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato & mayo. Yum.

Ice cream machine at McDonald's broken. Boo.

Layout for Design Your Life. I had to alter the template. I changed it to 12x12 but just adding canvas. Then I add 3 photos to the right and eliminated the journal box. I don't need to journal a portrait session but I did want to include more photos. I didn't realize it when I got the photos, but the originals were pretty dark. I lightened them up. And whitened the teeth. So far Design Your Life is easy. Next is a color challenge.

POTD. Prompt was multi-colored. I had this new kit with the colorful dragon.


Ryan said he room was clean. I went to look. It was cleaner than before but still not clean enough. He has too many books for his shelves. And he had stuff on his floor. I helped him clean up and moved the behemoth eMac out. I zeroed out it and Andy's old eMac and got them ready to give away. Right now, there are four people living in this house. We have seven computers, one iPhone, one iPad, and three iPod Touches. I am going to give away one of the iPod Touches. Now if my dad would do something with the laptop sitting collecting dust. Andy did like to use it until he got my old iMac.

Working in Ryan's room also reminded me of the projects I have yet to complete. I want/need to put up shelves in Andy's closet so some of the stuff in Ryan's closet can be moved. That will free up some space for Ryan's board games. Ryan also needs a mirror with hooks hung up. I have a hanging mirror for Andy too. And both boys have chalk boards to be hung.

Card of the day.