30 july 2011

Breakfast: egs and peach.

I need to get more produce. I was hoping not to leave the house today but I have one peach left. So I either go out today or pay twice as much tomorrow at Nutrition Smart.

POTD prompt was look away. I thought of having someone look out the window and use window light. I had to use my flash to get enough light through the small window. I think it turned out well but I don't expect many comments.

Lunch: grilled cheese, carrots, apple.

Ryan was on the computer and I had no motivation to clean. I changed to go to Shannon's. I came out of my bedroom and Ryan was off the computer. So I stayed home and did a layout for Design Your Life. I also made new wallpapers and blog headers.

Had some iced chai made at home. Listened to Cathy's presentation for Week 4 of Design Your Life. Dad just left for church so time to put together another Lego set. I put together the Lighthouse Island. It had a block that lights up. Very cool. Then I put together Andy's Cars 2 Tokyo Racing set.

Dinner: salad, peach.

Card of the day.

Layout using a free template and made another layout. This was the first time I used a photo as the background. I like it especially since the photo areas are kind of small.