02 july 2011

So happy I remembered to try MobileMe and found Andy's iPod. No one was excited as I am. Well maybe Andy. I love that I used technology to locate it. It make it worth all the years I paid for MobileMe. AFter I gave Andy his iPod Touch, he was back to his normal self.

Ryan came out excited that the Tour de France was on. He turned on the big TV. He watched for about an hour and got bored. I don't blame him. I remember being in Hawaii in 1986. I learned about the Giro d'Italie and watched a lot of it. But there really wasn't much else to watch.

Did my POTD. Had to open some glitter I have had for years. Yuck! I like building the vignettes but realize I do not have many building pieces. Most of my Lego are sets.

I was going to go to the Fresh Market. I worked on my POTD instead. But I still got out.

Went to Target. Oreo Cakesters sample. So dry and so sweet. Curiosity abated. Blech.

Meds not ready so walking slowly and sampling. S'mores! Jet-puff is now making Jet Puffed Stacker Mallows, 8-Ounce (Pack of8)
just for s'mores. But sample made with cinnamon Grahams. Too much sugar.

Getting Pizza Hut for lunch. Personal pan pizza at Target. They now have sausage and egg or veggie and egg breakfast pizza.

The pizza hit the spot. The spot that constantly craves cards and cheese. Dad had already fixed lunch for Andy. He had one quarter of his grilled cheese then ate 1 1/2 pizzas.

My printed layouts came today. I started to put them away. Something was wrong. Then I realized that I didn't have all of them. Somehow I missed some pages. They will get done the next time. I need more album refills. And I need to label the albums. I don't feel the need to have them all match. It would be nice but then what happens when American Crafts stops making these albums? The digital layouts look so much bigger in real life. When I am working on the layouts, I worry that the photos or the journaling will be too small. It is not. Maybe I need a bigger monitor?

I changed up the way I present POTD. I decided to do it by month I stead of year. I did June 2011 since our blog hop is coming up.

Card of the day.