26 july 2011


Back pain. Should have gone to the chiropractor yesterday.

Feel like I didn't sleep. Bed was two small.

Ryan up at five making lots of noise even though he tried to be quiet. I got out of bed at 7.

Ryan now he says he wants to go to Disney Hollywood Studios. He never showed interest before. Tickets are $82 for each person. I said we have to plan and save some money to go to any of the parks.

Filled the cooler with ice. I didn't get the fridge. It isn't worth $10/day.

At the pool. I put money on Ryan's arcade card but cannot find Ryan. He veered off in another direction. Andy is in the water. There is a breeze and it is nice.

9:18. Ryan just showed up. He said he was checking out stuff.

At 10:00, the lifeguards along with two guests woke up the Three Caballeros with lots of noise. The fountain started working after that.

Andy just walks and swims around. Ryan is still in the arcade. I am not so worried about him this time. Also, lazy.

Doyle called. He can't make it on Friday.

10:31 Ryan came out with a handful of tickets. he went back to redeem them and play more games.

We left the pool at 11:00. Ryan decided we should go to CityWalk. We got lunch on the way. I was surprised when we got to CityWalk and found that parking cost $15!

We walked around. The NASCAR Cafe is now the NASCAR Sports Grille. The do not use the upstairs and the restaurant is now downstairs where the gift shop used to be. The gift shop is tiny and only half dedicated to NASCAR with other half to other sports. Ryan found a Cheerios hat. It is yellow. Now I can find both boys easily. Very few yellow hats.

We walked around and Ryan was hot and tired. He and Andy sat down while I walked around some more to take photos. Then we left, about an hour after we arrived.

Back at the hotel cooling off.

4:50 The boys have gone out for a walk. I asked Andy earlier if he wanted to go swimming and he said "I don't know." I am in the room alone with extremely frizzy hair.

Dinner at CFA & McDonalds. I am really tired of chicken. At least chicken nuggets. We watched cartoons at McDonalds.

We all went to bed at 8:30. Seemed like the best solution when we knew Ryan would be waking us up at 5:00.