25 july 2011


POTD prompt diptych which is two photos side by side. I used the marina. Ryan wanted to leave at 11:30. And he wanted to use the computer, so I started to build part of the Lego Mill Raid. I got the mill built.

I started to get ready and soon the boys were helping me load the car. We left just after 11.

Ryan chose the long way, SR 50 east to Claremont. We stopped at McDonalds in Groveland then CFA in Claremont.

We got to the hotel at 1:30 and luckily the lobby was empty and we got to check in early.

We got to the room and I went to hook up the wi-fi. It requires charging on room keys. So I had to walk back to the lobby. Ryan came with me. We both took photos along the way. He used his iPod touch.

We hung around the room. Ryan watched some TV, Andy watched videos on his iPod.

We went to dinner at CFA & McDonalds. We stopped at McDonalds last so Ryan could watch cartoons.

We came back to the hotel. Andy wanted to walk around. Ryan stayed in the room. Andy took video and I took photographs. We walked by each hotel. At the Rock Inn, there was a group taking photos. I offered to take their photos. They had three camera. Andy was trying to sneak in. I told him to get put but the guy said he could come in. So Andy was front and center. I let Andy ride one of the elevators as we are on the first floor again.

The boys bathed and showered and Ryan went to bed early. I am in Andy's bed so Ryan can get to sleep. Andy is watching videos on his iPod quietly.