24 july 2011


Ryan snagged the computer while I was eating breakfast. I usually go on after I eat to do some backups on my devices but I have to wait until after I get home. I took photos for POTD.

At Starbucks. Got a green tea latte. It takes like regular milk, not soy. The latte was NOT mixed well. All the matcha was at the bottom. Gross!

Lunch: Justin's Nut Butter, waffle, melon.

I noticed the packets of Justin's Nut Butter at Target. I got one of each of Chocolate Hazelnut and Maple Almond. The packets are expensive but good if you want to try them out or for camping. The chocolate hazelnut was not as creamy as Nutella. But Justin's uses all natural and organic products where possible. Nutella contains HFCS. I liked Justin's and
will get a jar soon.

POTD prompt uncluttered.

I got the luggage out and packed my clothes. The boys helped. And by helped I mean Andy brought me some wadded up clothes and Ryan brought his items one at a time. Sigh.

Card of the day.

Dinner: salad, peach

I noticed that Andy had packed his backpack. He brought it out and said it wouldn't zip. I looked at and saw that he had 10 books as well as his favorite stuffed toys as well as his Cars cars. I got him a duffle for the plush toys. I live that he did this without being told.

I read about someone having their google account deleted for breaking the TOS. He claims he did nothing wrong but it doesn't matter. He cannot access all of his mail, his contacts, his documents, etc. He relied completely on google and without a backup. I realized that I was relying on google for my mail. I checked how to backup and the only way is to use a desktop email client. I opened up Mail and downloaded thousands of messages. I had stopped using Mail a few years ago when it stopped working with one of my google accounts. It was a pain to use both the desktop apparent and the web to check my email. So I moved everything over to google. I had all my accounts filter into one. It was easier to read it all but not good to save. And google doesn't play as nicely as Apple apps. I also downloaded Sparrow since I have heard good things about it. I will miss googles spam filters but as I don't use my MobileMe address for a lot, I don't get too much spam with it.

Andy kept bringing out more toys. His bag was full and I told him he had to leave some toys here. He was OK with that. Then I found out he wanted to bring his iPod Nano because Jason Mraz was on there but not on his iPod Touch. I fixed that but he will probably bring the iPod Nano as well and his Olympus Digital Voice Recorder.

I am not sure if I will be posting the next couple of days.