23 july 2011


Ryan's computer ran all night and still did not boot. I am trying Disk Warrior and hoping it will do some magic.

The login screen came up but it is clinking and clunking and not doing much else. I am hoping to get the hard drive copied to another and use that until I can replace the computer.

I may have the perfect incentive for getting some clean up done. I now have to share my computer with Ryan. At least until I can replace his computer.

POTD prompt was endless. I thought of just shooting some Lego and thinking endless possibilities. Instead I honed in on the minifigure heads with endless possibilities.

Plugged in EHD into Ryan's computer but it didn't show up. Found the right cord. Went to erase it and get it ready for boot copy and disk utility hangs. Went to check and computer screen is dark, not sleeping. Have to reboot. Grr. SMART status verified according to disk utility. I hate this. Meanwhile, Ryan is having a great time on my computer and doesn't want to leave it. Wish I was motivated to purge.

Ryan finally let me back on my computer at 11. I did my POTD and then worked on a layout for Design Your Life. I tried the use the colors Cathy had but they seemed off. So I used similar ones from Echo Park. I also liked the patterns.

I went to make lunch and realized there was no bread. Dad forgot to get some. All he had was raisin bread which will not work for grilled cheese. He was going to go back to the store but I asked Andy what he wanted. I knew he would say Chick Fil A.

Lunch: chargrilled chicken sandwich, coleslaw, ice cream

Dinner: salad & peaches

Card of the day.