22 july 2011


Breakfast. Eggs, peach.

At the doctor. Why am I nervous? Light is flickering. It may drive me crazy.
Dr Cozzolino said I need to get a pap and mammogram. Sigh.

I met Doyle for lunch at Crispers.

POTD prompt: on the thirds.

Came home and worked on photos. I did a layout for May 2009 POTD. I had trouble funding several photos. Seems that most of the photos I posted were taken in prior months, even prior years. Yikes! I am glad I am being more true to the intent these days.

Crap! I jinxed myself just by thinking that Ryan needs a new computer. His is not working right now. It is taking forever to load.

Card of the day.

The computer boot up was taking over two hours. Ryan shut it down. I got mad. He said he didn't want it going all night. Grr.