19 july 2011


POTD prompt was one.

Ordered some chewies for Andy. There is another company selling similar ones. I may try them out soon.

At the Health Department. Ryan is nervous and trying not to be.

Ryan did really well. The nurse gave him the shot and he said, "That's it?"

Ryan said it was too early for lunch so I suggested the Toy Store. I expected Ryan to say no but he did not. Ryan found yet another monopoly game to add to his collection. And I got two more Lego sets. Yep, I am weak. Ryan also picked out a new thermos with the Green Lantern.

Lunch: salad at home. I need to get more produce.

Half of my Notions order came. Cardstock for Bonnie.

Worked on and completed purging March 2009. Also did a layout for April 2009.

Apparently I am the only one who can empty the trash or take out the recycling the twelve feet to the garage.

Card of the day.

Ryan has chosen to go to Tampa Bay History Center tomorrow for Wednesday Adventure Club.

Ryan did not want me to take off his bandaid. In the past, he would hate getting hurt especially if it required a bandaid. He did not like them. Now he doesn't want it taken off. He says his arm doesn't hurt. Is he trying to convince himself?