15 july 2011


POTD. Doyle gave me some confidence so I decided to start posting my better Lego photos at 500px.com. They do OK.

I went to lunch with Doyle and Norm. I am so glad Norm decided to come. He is such a good guy. We ate at Five Guys and ate the fries. I was so full from lunch that I wasn't even hungry for dinner but I did have a smoothie.

I went to Target because I needed claritin. Then I found more stuff to buy. Don't I always? I got a book for Andy and some journals for Bonnie. I have to find something for her birthday.

Worked on January 2009 and now that month is done. I was better at key wording and sorting photos that month. I culled the POTD for February 2009 but did not have time to start a layout. I can do that tomorrow.

Card of the day.