09 july 2011


Nice not to have to go anywhere.

Ate 2 donut holes before I remembered my resolve to eat better.

POTD. Prompt was triangle. Had an idea to make a minifigure pyramid. It wouldn't work easily so I grabbed a cabin which has a gable roof. I added a garden plot to it and some farmers. I wish Lego made a barn.

I forgot to run Cocktail while I was taking photos so I am running it now. I think I accidentally quit it mid-run.

Listened to This Week in Photography. It was an interview with the owner of 500px. I was expecting to hear something about the Jay Maisel Andy Baio case.

Sitting at the computer listening to Dishing Up Nutrition. All this talk of food makes me want something to eat but I am not hungry. I went to get an apple and they are all bad. The bananas are bad. Not a good day to start eating healthy. I did eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Yum. Dishing Up Nutrition says to eat 14 grams of protein daily which is a lot! I think I need to stop listening. (I did delete the podcasts. There is too much I don't agree with.)

Card of the Day.

It has been raining most of the day. My headache could be from that or the lack of sugar. Or caffeine.

The rain finally stopped. My headache did not.

The only fruit and veggies in the house are carrots. I had them for lunch and dinner. Yet it is still not enough fiber. I will have to get some real produce tomorrow.

Worked on purging photos. I am done with October 2008.

Andy was missing George Carlin audiobooks. I did some checking and think it is because I put parental restrictions on. I went to check and could not get in to the settings. Seems that someone has been trying to get in. I have three passcodes that I use. I tried one and was locked out for 15 minutes. I tried another and was locked out for an hour. I decided it would be quicker to restore. It was and now he is happy.

No good snack foods. But I did well except for those two donut holes. It is a matter of reminding myself not to eat the junk. Then I don't crave more.

Got an invite to Google+. Once again, I may be invited to hang out with the cool kids, but I will never be one. Awkward.