07 june 2011

A day at home. Ryan went out to get the trash can on his own. I love that my boys are finally getting the hang of chores.

Last night I came up with an idea for a back to school Lego shoot. But had to struggle to come up with something for today's POTD.

I keep running out of podcasts to listen to. I subscribed to 2 new ones but I am on the fence. Both are from Maximum Fun. The first one, My Brother, My Brother & Me is not my style. Too many voices and I can't tell them apart. Stop Podcasting Yourself is a bit better but maybe because I picked episodes where I know the guests.

I had planned to work on my Disney photos but felt like I wanted to get 2006 cleaned up. I am purging more unsharp photos. I really thought I took more photos. Going through these photos, let's just say 2006 was the year of the slob. I am almost done with 2006 photos.

Dinner was salmon salad and really sweet tomatoes. Yum.

I have to stop eating so much cheese. Enough said.