06 june 2011

Ryan has been looking through my layouts. I sat down with and noticed some bent pages. On further investigation, the glue failed to keep the layout on the page. I have also seen failure of cardstock to cardstock. All using Creative Memories glue. I am disappointed and feel even better that I have switch to digital. Ryan wants me to catch up on layouts. I pretty much stopped at 2006. The 2007 layouts I have done were for Hillary's One in 48.

I sent 16 digi layouts to Persnickety Prints for printing. Their prices are a lot cheaper than Mpix. I hope the quality is good. They already shipped my layouts!

I am finished organizing 2005 photos. They are tagged an starred and put into collections. I will move on to 2006 before tackling the earlier years.

We are at the pool. Andy is swimming. Ryan is checking out the area. I think he is looking at rocks. I had forgotten my camera ready and still forgot to bring it. This time we were half way here and I knew Ryan wouldn't want me to turn around.

Ryan brought his thermos to the pool. He just brought it to me and said it ha to be taken back because of the rules. I said it was 15' and the line of tables were set back so they would be far enough away. He got out his iPod touch to measure. That was too hard so I grabbed a beach towel which is 6' long. Turns out the table is only about 13' away. I said he could keep his cup to the back of the table. This wasn't good enough. I said he could move to another table farther from the pool. He moved to the farthest table in the smoking area without shade.

Earlier today, I came across the photos of Ryan walking along the rail at the cottage. He would never do that now and didn't even want to look at them. Now that he knows the rules, he will not deviate from them.

Lunch was the usual, McDonald's then Chick Fil A. I did stop at FedEx to ship a package to my goddaughter. We saw several orange painted bikes along Bruce B Downs. Another reason to remember my camera.

We went to Target for groceries. I didn't go over to the general merchandise side. I didn't need anything. Ryan left me at the beginning to walk over but returned before I got halfway done with the groceries. Target has stopped carrying many of our favorite items. Last year it was the Lender's Cinnamon Raisin bagels. This year is it the Entemann's Popems and now Juicy Juice. Publix is more expensive and I would prefer to shop at Target.

I saw my friend Lianna at Target. She lives down the street but we don't see each other much. She is busy with homeschooling and such. Her kids are just younger than mine and they love to be left home. Yet, she feels bad leaving them there.

I took nap to try to ignore the cramps.

I woke up in time to make dinner. Then I made a card and edited the photos from Andy's field trip to the bowling alley. Tomorrow I can work on Disney photos.

I decided I wanted a logo or badge for these posts. I came up with one but was not in love with it. I tossed the first away and did another. We'll see how long it stays.