05 june 2011

24 april 2005 lowry park zoo

Waffles and sausage for breakfast. I did my POTD and then made a layout with some really old photos. I looked at the other posts on the capture your 365 blog hop and now want to redo all of my layouts. I think too much. I got the photos done for ESE talent show. Now to work on bowling and special olympics photos.

Dad won't be home for his June 23 dentist appointment. He did emphasize that he will be back. I asked him to bring back as many photos as he can fit in his car.

I did not sleep well last night. I started coughing so I moved to the chair. The computer was awake all night and woke me up at each hour. I had to nap today.

I am still getting used to feedly. I like the look but don't like the lack of features that I am used to with reeder. I tried listening to NPR for iPad but the app crashed. This was after a clean install.

Ryan has been looking at my scrapbooks. Many of my layouts are falling apart. This does not make me happy especially since I bought into the hype of Creative Memories. I believed them when they said their glues held. They did not. And now pages are slipping and getting bent. I am glad I have switched to digital. I do not have to worry about heavy pages nor glue failing. And even then I can print out another page.

I made a digi card then I wrapped up presents for Mary Grace and got the box ready to ship. I also put in some goodies for Bonnie. I wish I could just ship a crate to her and get my living room back.

I am not sure I am buying the whole photo freedom thing. I do like scrapping chronologically. I think Ryan prefers looking at that way too. I do know I have to start printing out some of the digi layouts so he can enjoy them.