04 june 11

No plans to go anywhere today. I made a card. I did my POTD. A little lazy in the inspiration department. I am in the organize mode right now and want to work on photos.

Savi came over and got her stuff. The hard disk still works. She went through my photos and picked out photos she wanted of the boys. Then I started picking out photos to put into a photo book for father's day. I have way more photos of Andy than Ryan. Andy is more cooperative and Andy does more like CBIs and field trips and special olympics.

Most of my photos from 2005 are poor at best. Is it because they got manipulated so much and lost info? When I zoom to 100% and see tons of artifacts. I think I have scrapped these photos but I don't like that I probably cannot print them again with good results. Many more of the originals are gone and I only have thumbnails. Since then, I have gotten better at saving my photos multiple ways.

Tomorrow is our blog hop for Capture Your 365. I used to be very relaxed with photo of the day. I didn't worry if the photo was captured that day, my rule was to process and upload a photo of the day. This year, I decided to capture the photo and post it the same day. Many of my photos were taken with my iPhone. Then Katrina Kennedy started Capture Your 365 and now I am doing more deliberate photography. Sure, most of it is just macros of my legos. But I set up a shot, take multiple exposures and sometimes angles, then process the one I like best. And post it as well. Because of CY365, I started gathering those photos and scrapping them, one week per page. I would like to print them in a book at the end of the year. And like everything else, I procrastinate until forced by a deadline. Today I did four weeks of photos on 4 layouts and posted them on my blog. They are scheduled for 8 am EST so that is 7 EST tomorrow morning.

I watched another episode of Dr. Who. I just started the first season from 2005. Ryan watched a bit and was getting upset with the earth dying. I had to explain it wasn't real. He had to process that. Cartoons are easier to understand that they aren't real. Well, the old cartoons.