03 june 11

I came across this photo today taken in May 2006. It makes me smile. Boys are too cute wearing plaid shorts for Ashlee & Brad's wedding. They look like they are posing for their mug shots.

I told Ryan we needed to go to target today. I needed to refill some meds. He complained. I said he could stay home. He said he couldn't. He doesn't feel safe so I won't push it. He complained about having to go out every weekday. This isn't something I can wait on. So I gave him the choice of what time. He said 1:00 pm and only to Target.

I told Ryan that the family is asking when we are going to go up north. He said, "It's too cold." I agreed. "We prefer the warmness of our hearts." I laughed. "And the coldness of our minds."

This boy cracks me up.

I spent most of the day working on my Lightroom library. I thought things were pretty well organized but I was wrong. Files from before 2007, when I think I switched over to Lightroom, were in a big mess. This was partially the fault of iPhoto. iPhoto save several sizes of photos and I had many duplicates in different sizes. The rest was my fault. I thought I was being clever by combining folders and not caring about the dates so much. As well as being inconsistent with file naming. It was a big mess. I think I have 2005 and 2006 cleared up and ready to go through for Photo Freedom. My goal is to leave the folders alone and use only collections.

My friend Savi came over to use the internets so I used her to watch the boys while I went to Target. The boys were happy that they didn't have to go out. Savi stayed all afternoon backing up to a hard drive. This drive wouldn't work for her before but today it did.

I finally opened some of my Thin Mints Savi gave me for my birthday. I keep them in the freezer and had forgotten about them. They are so good, especially right from the freezer.

I feel better being properly medicated.