27 june 2011

Ryan comes out of my bedroom where he is watching cartoons. He looks in the little fridge and goes, "Huh?" There are no open cookies. I tell him to open some. He does and finds that they are all stuck together. It is a problem with fudge grahams in the summer. He won't eat them but Poppa will. He goes back into the bedroom afraid to miss anything. I open up another package of cookies. Yes, we have several. These are not stuck together. I take the package to him so he can grab one or two. He grabs the whole tray. It is 7:10 am.

Did my photo. Kind of lame tie in to the theme which is miracle.

Wasted time on Bag Check today. Life today is all about me and what I have.

Spent $10 on tweetie for Mac. Probably a mistake. As in I shouldn't start tweeting again.

I wish I knew how to make that sort of grid on any sized layout.

I read through Digital Designs for Scrapbooking
. Most of it I knew. I will grab the templates on the CD.

So crowded at CFA. We had to wait for a table. And squealing girls in the play area made Andy stay out.

Just talked to Doyle. He has a shoot Wednesday and I am going to assist.

Came home and finished my POTD. Also worked on photos for the party.

Bought Sing Yourself Sillier for Andy. He has been watching it on YouTube and then recorded it on his iPod. I thought the purchased version might be nicer. Now he wants another video. I told him he could get one next week if he was good. "I am being good now." Andy is good about taking out the trash and recycling. But I want him to keep his room cleaner. He throws his blankets on the floor along with everything else. So he has to keep his room neat if he wants another video. He has already picked out which one he wants.


I goofed and didn't know about one of my grand-niece's birthday. It is coming up this week and I had no card made. I did one after dinner. Card of the Day. I love those number templates from Scrapping with Liz. She also make letter templates which I think I will use tomorrow. Bonnie's card came today and it seems too pale.