26 june 2011

I started looking at some of the photos from last night. The gym shots are poor. I should have kept the speed up because the kids were moving. There is blur.

POTD. Today's prompt is heart. I had the idea to make a heart of flowers using my Lego flowers. I don't have enough stems to make it look good. I pulled out the Lego heads and used those. Kind of odd, but I like it.

Backed up my devices and momento. Did some laundry. Made grilled cheese for lunch. I normally go to McDonalds on Sundays when dad is home. But since I went to church early, I didn't get lunch. Andy was OK with the change though he kept commenting on it.

Worked some on the party photos. I am down to 300 photos. I have processed 50. Hopefully I will get it down even further.

Layout: meet the teacher. I came across these photos yesterday so decided to scrap them today. (Poor photos. I used my point & shoot without the flash.)

Card of the day.

Checked out the app store. I found Day One which is a journaling app. They also have apps that run on iOS devices. I am trying it out. I like that momento culls my feeds but it does not sync. I have been using notesy for my journaling. It syncs well using dropbox. Day One also uses dropbox. But notesy is very plain. Day One has a few more options and also a date stamp.

Dinner: tuna, tomatoes & lemon sorbet.

Ryan wants to continue our outings on Wednesday, which we have now labeled Wednesday Adventure Club. He does not want to even come to the pool when Andy goes swimming. But he does want us to bring him back lunch. And by lunch I mean fries from McDonalds.

Still not sure about 500pixels. I am seeing more lackluster photos so I should not be afraid to post more of my work. Still. I will save only the best for it.

I started tweeting again. Since I got rid of most the Brits I used to follow, there is little to read. It's OK. There are some more I need to purge. I followed them back to be nice and now I see they post a lot and stuff I have no interest in.

Even though I am doing Finding Photo Freedom, I wanted to take another class. FPF just feels like busy work. It is probably something I could have done myself. But paying the fee is motivating me to get it done. Anyway, I just purchased Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske.