25 june 2011


Spent my morning buying digi kits and organizing some. Also worked on August 2008 photos. I got about half done with that month.

Card of the day.

I stopped at Five Guys on my way out. Oh man it tasted good.

I photographed a birthday party tonight. It was for a two year old. It was a pirate pool party. Too bad it got rained out. Mostly. We went indoors to the gym. The kids still had fun. After pizza and cupcakes and presents, the rain had stopped and the pools were reopened.

I felt awkward taking photos of people just at the party. It was easier to focus on the kids but I tried to get the adults too.

The party was from 5:30-7:30 but they had use of the place until 9:00. I left after 7:30 so I could get home for bedtime. I got home at 8:03. Ryan was out of the bath and Andy was going in.

I ate half a melon. I know I am going to wake up with a tummy ache.