23 june 2011

Itchy. Now I know Off! Does work. But I have about a dozen bites where I did get the Spray to go like the backs of my arms and thighs.


Hips are out of whack.

We went to the pool. It is getting too hot. I think I will have to go swimming soon.

As we were leaving, we saw smoke. I was surprised that burning was allowed. Our county just issued a fireworks ban through the holiday.

Lunch and the post office. The boys came in even though it took about 3 minutes to get my package.

Groceries at Publix. I spent $115 today. This is getting out of hand.

On the way home, we saw a fire truck pulled over near the burning we had seen earlier. It is not a controlled burned and had gotten bigger and spread. Hopefully they will be able to get it under control before it gets too close to the homes. Ryan is concerned that it will get to us but I told him it is pretty small and they can build fire breaks to control it. He actually hoped for rain.

My package is the CF card reader I ordered from china. It works well. I am not sure how much I will use it but it is nice to know I can.

Layout; Upper Tampa Bay Park

I used a template from Scrapping with Liz. I like that templates make it quick and easy to make a layout. But I am also finding that many, OK most, templates, have too much stuff going on. These days, I am happier with a cleaner designer and prefer grids and color block designs.


My dad is planning on driving down tomorrow. Andy asked and I told him. His smile was very big.