21 june 2011

Feels like a lazy day.

Worked on June 2008 photos. Found some more 2008 photos not synched with Lightroom. Turns out they were just duplicates left over from iPhoto. I am glad to away from iPhoto.



Words with Friends with my nephew. He must have his notifications on because he plays his turn so quickly.

While photos were converting to dng, I tossed more stuff. Tons of mini eyelets and brads that I will never use. Tons of flowers. And a few kits that only a remnants left. Feels good.

Worked on July 2008 POTD.

Bad stomach ache. So I had popcorn for dinner. I do feel better.

Card of the day.

Ryan had trouble deciding where to go tomorrow. He wants to go hiking. He picked Upper Tampa Bay Regional Park. It is mostly for canoeing.

I joined mlkshk. Still trying to figure it out.