20 june 2011

At the pool. Looks like the deck work is done. I am not impressed. The people who run this are all about saving a buck then complaining when it doesn't last. There are two guys by the pool equipment. One is bent down doing the work. The other one is supervising or just adding comment. The commenter has a typical New York nasal accent. "How can you work that way?!" When the guy working mumbles something, the commenter retorts, "Take it easy!" Nothing is said as a statement. Everything is emphatic.

It is hot today. Where is the breeze? Oh right there, barely a whisper and not at all refreshing.

Capture Your 365 prompt is late. I had to use The Daily Shoot which is heat. I was not very inspired. I realized that I do not have many plain building lego.

I did finish June 2008 POTD. This was the second summer I had my dSLR and I took a lot of photos of Ryan jumping into the pool. He really enjoyed swimming then.

A few years ago, there was a woman with 2 kids who came to the pool on the same days as we did. She would yell at her kids with idle threats, "If you can't behave, we will leave and not come back." The kids misbehaved and whined and they came back. I don't recall seeing them last year and maybe the year before. They were back today. I thought it might be them when. I heard the girl say, "James come to Sissy," soon the mother was yelling at James not to yell "Help!" and I knew it was them.

Andy thought she was yelling at him and sat down next to her. Oh dear!

Ryan commented that Andy broke a pool rule by walking in the gutter. I need to print out some rules and maybe then he will follow them.

Capture Your 365 prompt is "gone surfing". I did have a surfboard in my shot but said it was too hot to use it. Hmm...

Lunch & groceries. Andy had wanted to go in the blue doors at Target. We have a SuperTarget and the green doors lead to the grocery side while the blue doors lead to the regular Target side. It is one big store but I tend to stick to the green doors/grocery, unless I need something specific. It is too easy to spend money at Target. So we went in the blue doors today. We walked by the books and the toys. My boys did not want anything. Really. I asked them and they said no. None of the new Cars 2 items and no Lego for Ryan. So I skipped getting a new Lego set for myself. My kids are weird.

We did get a new razor and shave gel and after bath I have to try to shave Andy's face. Yikes!

I did some more photos for POTD.

I did a layout of Ryan's first science project.

Card of the day.

I did work on June 2008 photos. I deleted about 700 photos today.

I talked to Bonnie about her son and parenting techniques.

The shaving went OK. I used Neutrogena Gel and a Gillette razor. Andy was still apprehensive. I made him sit on the toilet. I did miss some places but got enough off for now. His cheeks are a little red. I don't know if it is from the shaving itself or from the gel. I did get the stuff for sensitive skin. Hopefully, I will not have to do this very often. At least not for a while.