16 june 2011

We had our first big storm last night. It was after Ryan went to bed. He did wake up and cuddle but he doesn't remember it today.

At the pool. Andy is swimming. Ryan is wandering about.

I decided to take a different approach to POTD. I decided to use one of the daily prompts I get. The one from Capture Your 365 was about a good mess; in the garden, washing dishes. I had Calliope picking a carrot. I could only find one carrot. I think that it all I have. I wish I could buy more but they are not available at Lego.

I worked on 2008 photos and finished February.

I looked up to see Ryan bending down behind three teenage girls lounging by the pool. They noticed him and turned but didn't say anything to him. He walked back and they giggled quietly. I don't think he heard or noticed. I asked him what he was doing but he didn't respond.

A mother and her 2 girls and 1 with gorgeous red hair. They are pale and freckled.

Pat came by and invited me back to the exercise group. Maybe. She is nice.

Lunch, gas, groceries.

I spent $102 at Publix. What the heck? Chocolate milk is at $6.15 gallon. Thank goodness they don't eat a lot of snacks.

Had to nap.

Made a card.

Posted POTD.

Worked on Disney photos and March 2008.

Had popcorn for dinner.

Explained a joke to Ryan. He is reading Brain Droppings
">Brain Droppings by George Carlin. He was reading it in the car. He repeated the joke to me. JFK's administration shouldn't have been called Camelot. It should have been called Come-a-lot. I asked if he understood and he said no. I told him Come-a-lot referred to sex and did he want to know. No. Later he asked about it. I had to explain what come meant and what an orgasm was. I also had to explain about JFK. George Carlin may not be appropriate for my 12 year old but his jokes bring up conversation that might not otherwise happen.

More photo editing. I see that I must have just grabbed the great photos and worked on them leaving the rest. I will have lots to scrap about. And I have been purging loads of poor and meh images.