15 june 2011

I took some Lego photos in case I didn't get any good shots while we went mall exploring. Is there a cool name for it like spelunking?

West Shore Plaza. Ryan wanted to go exploring. Drove me a little nuts. We went up the escalators to the movie theaters. Ryan wanted to go in but didn't want to watch a movie. Well, he would have been happy to see 5 or 10 minutes just to get inside. We went back down then walked around the mall. The lighting is awful. Sometimes it is bright but mostly it is dark. I didn't want to bring in my big flash but I would have been better off.

We went into Macy's. We went up the escalators to the third floor. We walked around and to the elevator. We were in the elevator and we heard a big clunk. An employee was in the elevator with us and said that there is a freight elevator behind the passenger elevator. Andy said, "This is a death trap!" because he heard Gluse say that. Oh joy. Ryan went into a woman's fitting rooms. He wanted to go in all of them. I said he could go into the Men's fitting rooms. He walked away. He took pictures of everything. He wanted to go up and down the escalator and elevator too many times. I would tell him to stop and he kept going. What the heck? I was getting angry and Ryan ignored me. Andy stayed back because he doesn't like it when I get angry. Which would make me more angry. I looked at iPhone cases and Ryan decided he wanted one for his iPod Touch. I bought him a shiny green one that will probably break soon.

We went to Game Stop. The boys don't play with the wii nor do they play with Nintendo DSs. Ryan found NASCAR 2011 for the xbox. I asked about it for the wii. They had a copy. Ryan didn't want it. He said he wasn't ready. Fine with me. It was $50.

Went to lunch: McDonalds then Chick Fil A.

Ryan wanted to go to a bookstore. There are none in the malls anymore. We went to Barnes & Noble. Ryan said he wanted a book even though he just got 2 through iBooks. I can't say no to books. Which is why my house is full of books. I got an ice chai. Yum.

Ryan wanted a George Carlin trilogy for $22. The book is $15 at amazon. He said he would wait. But then he went and got one of the books now. Andy splurged and got two books. I am too nice. Then again, Andy never asks for expensive books and rarely more than one.

We got to the International Plaza and Ryan wanted me to park in the parking garage. The boys took off for the elevator. They met me inside. Someone asked why I had my camera. I said because I don't like leaving it in the car.

We walked around. Gap has opened up here after years of saying they wouldn't. No matter, I don't shop there anymore. We went into the Disney store. Ryan took pictures, Andy took video. Ryan tested my patience.

Ryan want to go into Nordstrom's. He walked towards the restroom. The men's restroom is on the second floor but the men's clothing is on the first floor. They do have a family rest room on the first floor. Ryan would not come in. I told him to wait. When Andy & I were done, I went towards the elevator but Ryan said he already went up to the restroom and came back. Grrr. I warned him that the next time he takes off he will lose his iPod. that worked for 5 minutes. We went back into the mall. I went up the escalator, Andy went up the elevator, and Ryan ignored us both. Grrr. I wanted to sit him down and read him the riot act but I don't want to upset Andy because it takes too long to calm him down.

Ryan was ready to go. But Andy really didn't have much of chance to do what he wanted. He had picked the mall but Ryan led the way. So I told them to me me at the Apple store. How can I visit the mall and not go to the Apple store? Not that I needed anything but it just feels so good to be there. Ryan stayed with me and Andy went to the lower level via the glass elevator. Ryan and I got there first and we walked inside. After a while, Ryan was ready to leave. Andy was standing by the front door. We went to gather him and I realized he had been waiting for us there and did not go inside. I let him go inside while Ryan and I waited in the mall. Ryan started to fuss about his low battery on his iPod. Of course it was low, he was taking lots of photos. And he also had just about every app still open. He never force quits them so they slowly suck battery life and memory. I gave him the keys to the van and I waited for Andy. He was playing on the computers meant for kids.

I let Andy choose the route home. Ryan graciously said he approved. Oh man. We stopped at Nutrition S'mart so I could get some raw honey. I let the boys stay in the car.

I worked on photos for over two hours. I did a quick scan through the ones I took today. I posted POTD then worked on photos from 2008. I was also working on the March 2008 POTD and found that I had already deleted a photo that was poor. I am not even sure why I posted it to begin with.

We had dinner and then I did a card and finished up the POTD layout.