14 june 2011

Flag day. Why didn't I do something with my legos? I sort of feel like the writers on SNL. I don't know how to end this series so it keeps going past the laughs.

I got father's day cards out. I went to ask Andy to sign the card to his godfather, his door was open but it should not have been. I really need to post some rules for him. Naked four year olds are cute. Naked 14 year olds, not so much.

I did another month of POTD. I am putting of doing editing the biking photos from Disney.

Layout of Andy at the pool last week. The template is from Template Tuesday at Jessica Sprague. I hate to straighten up the photos and some other items. I just don't like to tilt my photos.

I asked Ryan about going somewhere tomorrow. He said yes but didn't know where. I said it was Andy's turn. He agreed. I asked Andy and he didn't know where we should go. So I gave him some choices; a park, downtown, or a mall. He chose International Plaza because he wants to go up and down the escalators and elevators. Ryan said he wants to go to Westshore Mall. I said we can do both since they are near each other. West shore is only a one story building. At least as I recall. It has been years since we have been there. That is the other place for Old Navy and the drive was worth not having to go to Slug Mall.

Card of the day.

I have been getting very lazy about logging my calories for the day. I think I have been OK but I know I probably am not. No weight change so I am still eating too much.